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Sazlburg: home of all things Mozart, The Sound of Music, and District Inspector Stockinger, former colleague of everyone’s favourite canine police dog, Inspector Rex.Stockinger is a spin-off from the hugely successful INSPECTOR REX series. Stockinger stars Karl Markovics, the ‘straight man’ to Rex and Moser. In this series he relocates to Salzburg to be with his wife who inherited her father’s dental practice.

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Release Description

Year : 1996
Director : Bodo Fumeisen and Jorg Grunler
Cast : Karl Markovics, Sandra Cervik and Hans Peter Heinzl
Genre : TV Series- Crime/Drama
Running Time : 372 mins.
Country : Austria
Language : German- English Subtitles
Format : 2 DVD’s- PAL- Region 4

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