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The big city. The perfect environment for go-getters, swindlers, thieves, thugs, mafia members and corrupt policemen. Abel is a loner whose job is to collect payment from debtors using expeditious methods. Kay is a young girl who steals cars and does small-time robberies. Sebas, her father receives stolen goods and is always mixed-up in trouble, always in debt, always robbing Peter to pay Paul. Garro, an inspector from the Crime Squad of rather dubious honesty, some Kosovar robbers, some Mexican thugs, a Turkish hired assassin.. A real mixed bag of delinquents in the asphalt jungle of the big city,  all of them fed-up with the lives they lead. All of them hoping to do the last job, the big job. A bag full of jewels could be just what’s needed…

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Year : 2008
Director : Patxi Amezcua
Cast : Francesc Garrido , Aida Folch , Manuel Morón , Joan Massotkleiner, Maria Lanau
Genre : Thriller
Running Time : 85 min
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish w’english subtitles
Format : DVD-Pal-Region 4

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