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A male Parisian driving school owner who goes to see his doctor and complains of feeling run down is pronounced four months pregnant. When the diagnosis is confirmed by a specialist, the result is an international media frenzy.

Marcello Mastroianni has taken on a wide variety of roles – but this may be the only time that he becomes pregnant! Jacques Demy’s playfulness comes to the fore in a role-switching feature film that stars not only Marcello, but the stunning Catherine Deneueve as well. And for good measure, his favoured composer, Michel Legrand is responsible for the score. Mastroianni plays Marco, a Parisian driving instructor who becomes strangely queasy. He is amazed when being pronounced four months pregnant, but imagine how the world deals with it! A media frenzy ensues, medical experts pronounce a major scientific & societal shift. It’s tres bizarre. The film is underpinned by rich colours, gorgeous music, and Mastroianni taking the whole affair in great spirit. Look for Mireille Matthieu early in the film delivering a fine performance onstage as Marco declares he can’t keep his breakfast down! All in all, the film is suffused with a wonderful sense of joie de vivre and innocence in the signature Demy style.

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Release Description

Year : 1973
Director : Jacques Demy
Cast : Marcello Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve
Genre : Comedy
Running Time : 91 mins
Country : France
Language : French (with English subtitles)
Format : DVD

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