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What would happen if an International Air Guitar Championship was held, and no-one invited the USA? – Not once but 6 times! Air Guitar Nation documents the result, and the mayhem is glorious! Air Guitar Nation follows a group of young, born-to-rock motorheads, dudes, and real life Waynes and Garths all the way from the East Boast air guitar championships in New York City to Finland, where otherwise normal men and women transform into 11 year olds on their first tequila shot to compete in the World Air Guitar Championships.

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Year : 2005
Director : Alexandra Lipsitz
Cast : Dan `Bjorn Turoque` Crane, David `C-Diddy` Jung
Genre : Comedy
Running Time : 81 mins.
Country : United States
Language : English
Format : 1 DVD- PAL- Region 4

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