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The series Apocalypse WWI addresses these fundamental questions and tells this story with a sensitive, intimate approach. It was produced using over 500 hours of archival footage, much of it previously unseen, and now completely colorized. From the trenches in Northern France to the lesser-known fronts of Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Palestine and the Arabian deserts the story takes us to the battlefields, inside the minds of those who govern, and to the heart of the everyday life of civilians behind the lines. Thanks to some of the first rare amateur films and numerous letters, diaries and books written during the war, the narration brings to life the memories and the experiences of these men and women, and helps us better understand and feel how yesterday’s world was driven to apocalypse.

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Release Description

Year : 2014
Director : Isabelle Clarke
Cast :
Genre : Documentary/Historical
Running Time : 260 min
Country : France
Language : English
Format : DVDx3 / PAL / Colorised

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