ARKTOS: The Inner Journey of Mike Horn

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Arktos is the amazing story of Mike Horn who has gone along the Arctic circle alone for 27 months, 20,000 km, without using any motorized transportation. He has faced ice storms, temperatures from -70°c to 15°c, polar bears, a fire that destroyed most of his equipment and nearly burned him alive and he was the first man to cross entire siberia on foot. But first of all, Arktos is a human tale. He met Simon the Inuit who taught him to build an igloo in 20 minutes, Vassia, an elderly Russian fisher and so many others. After all, Mike met himself. The film shows with the poetry of the images the motivations of one of the greatest adventurers of the century.

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Year : 2005
Director : Raphael Blanc
Cast : Mike Horn
Genre : Action
Running Time : 84 mins
Country : Switzerland
Language : English
Format : 1 DVD- PAL- Region 4

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