Buddha’s Lost Children

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A breakthrough true story of compassion and tough love.

In the remote borderlands of Thailand’s Golden Triangle, an unorthodox Buddhist monk devotes himself to the care of the poorest hill tribe children. This intimate, emotionally charged portrait charts how the monk’s unique brand of tough love unlocks the boys’ potential. This is a story of self-discovery and new awakenings, an inspirational journey into a hidden world. Stunning cinematography and a compelling story makes this film a extraordinary experience of a hidden realm. Buddha’s Lost Children gives the term “grassroot Buddhism” new meaning, as we share the children’s journey of transformation from timid village boys to self-confident young novices.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Character Intros, Teaser. Video Clip Theatrical Trailer

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Year :  2006
Director :  Mark Verkerk
Cast : Phra Khru Bah Neua Chai Kositt  Khun Ead  Pan Sean
Genre :  Documentary
Running Time :  97 min
Country :  Netherlands/Thailand
Language :  Thai w’english subtitles
Format :  DVD/PAL/COL


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