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Uniquely romantic and poetic among French new wave film-makers, Jacques Demy was a natural for the genre of fairy tale. And so he adapted the legendary children’s tale Peau D’Ane (a.k.a. Donkey Skin) by Charles Perrault, but with the Demy hall-marks – unforgettable score by Michel Legrand, sumptuous colour and design by Jacques Dugied. And of course the luminescent beauty of Catherine Deneuve. She plays a princess who runs away to the woods to escape her father’s bizarre choice of a husband for her . Naturally, she is discovered by a handsome prince who chances upon her, and alters her destiny. This 1970 feature pre-dates many great films of modern times by blending the nave joy and fears of fairy tales with a clever adult wit.

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Year :  1970
Director : Jacques Demy
Cast : Catherine Deneuve, Jean Marais, Jacques Perrin
Genre :  Drama, Fantasy
Running Time :  89 min
Country :  France
Language :  French w’english subtitles
Format :  DVD / PAL /COL


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