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An aerobic instructor and gambling addict, Michèle’s life is turned upside down when her fiancé, unwilling to cover her debts, stops supporting her financially.

 With her 14-year old daughter, Marguerite, in tow, and now homeless, Michèle pays a visit to her childhood friend Janine, who has a teenage daughter of her own and who agrees to take in mother and daughter in her leafy, seemingly perfect, suburban home.  As the two adolescents get to know each other, Janine and Michèle get reacquainted as well. But soon enough, values and appearances start to clash and everything is thrown into question for both parent and child

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Year :  2005
Director : Louise Archambault
Cast : Sylvie Moreau, Macha Grenon, Juliette Gosselin
Genre :  Drama
Running Time :  102 min
Country :  Canada
Language :  English
Format :  DVD / PAL /COL


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