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French director Laurent Firode presents this filmic oddity, which explores the idea–and the effects–of chaos theory over the course of one day in Paris. The concept, as treated in the film, is best explained by an ageing drifter who walks through a Parisian park saying that sometimes the most random, stupid act can alter the course of the world. He goes on to say that something as minor as the batting of a butterfly’s wings over the Atlantic can cause a hurricane over the Pacific. (This is an explanation of the French title, which translates to “The Batting of the Wings of a Butterfly”). In short, all things are intrinsically connected. And in this film, the tiniest action performed by one character triggers a series of events that eventually impact another character. There is a broad cross-section of over 20 extremely quirky characters in the film, all of whom are deeply superstitious and believe strongly in fate, which enhances the comedy, surprise, and strangeness of each new scenario.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Sign Of Destiny (Film Clip) by Faudel, “Les Menteurs” (The Liars) – Short Film

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Year : 2010
Director : Laurent Firode
Cast :  Audrey Tautou, Faudel, Eric Savin
Genre :  Comedy / Drama
Running Time :  93 min
Country :  France
Language :  French w’english subtitles
Format :  DVD/PAL/COL


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