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Series 6 for Inspector Rex is the second full series featuring the steely–eyed Detective Alex Brandtner, played by Gedeon Burkhard. Most importantly, his canine associate is just as loyal as he was to the much–loved Detective Richie Moser. It is hard to work out who the biggest star is in the show – the dog, the detective, or the city of Vienna. Whichever it is, they have found their way to the hearts of thousands of Australians.

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Year : 2000
Director : Gerald Liegel and Marco Serafini
Cast : Ann Fisher, Fabbio Ferri, Kaspar Capparoni and Laurance Rupp
Genre : TV / Crime
Running Time : 689 mins.
Country : Austria
Language : German (English Subtitles)
Format : 4 DVD’s – PAL- Region 4
Previous Season: Season 5
Following Season: Season 7

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