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Milan is a cool, dark and eminently unforgiving city in the opening scenes of Francesca Comencini’s “A Casa Nostra” – the city is icy blue toned, the sounds muffled, but as the story unfolds, it’s clear that trading is the heart and soul of the story…trading of souls, and trading of money.

Ugo (Luca Zingaretti) is an established banker. He is a sharp, sophisticated, and quite clearly a shady money dealer. Rita (Valeria Golino) chief of the tax police is a strong willed, sensitive woman who is leading an investigation on Ugo, as other characters wander around them — a model, an assassin, a prostitute, a pensioner…all with their weaknesses and fragility, their goodness, their evil and their contradictions.

Characters meet, clash, love and hate each other. In the end, all of these lives will meet in one place, one specific moment, where the characters will face life and death as the city around them watches…

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Year : 2006
Director : Francesca Comencini
Cast : Luca Zingaretti, Valeria Golina
Genre : Drama
Running Time : 98 mins
Country : Italy
Language : Italian (English subtitles)
Format : DVD

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