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The historic beauty of Prague provides the perfect backdrop for this absorbing drama that centres on a Danish couple’s journey to retrieve the body of the husband’s recently deceased father. The couple are modern Europeans, the city is a dark, and mysterious emblem of the past.

The emotionally distant Christoffer (another powerhouse performance from Mads Mikkelsen) grapples with unhappy memories of his father and his childhood. Caught between anger, shame and the desperate urge to make things right, secrets emerge that further erode his and his partner, Maja’s (Stine Stengarde) emotional state.

Ole Christian Madsen is one of the plethora of skilled Scandinavian storytellers who are making a real impact on the world of arthouse cinema. He teases some extraordinary performances from a cast that balances sleek young Danes, and weathered yet wise Czech characters.

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Year : 2006
Director : Ole Christian Madsen
Cast : Mads Mikkelsen, Stine Stengard
Genre : Drama
Running Time : 92 mins
Country : Denmark
Language : Danish (English Subtitles)
Format : DVD Region 4

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