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SPEER AND HITLER THE DEVIL’S ARCHITECT by award winning director Heinrich Breloer is an enthralling docudrama about Hitler and his architect Speer. The four part series, starring Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others) as Albert Speer and Tobias Moretti as Adolf Hitler, explores in detail the relationship between Hitler and his chief architect, Albert Speer.

It mixes drama, documentary footage, interviews with eye-witnesses and covers the early beginnings, the glory days, and the ultimate collapse of the Third Reich, as well as the Nuremberg trials and Speer’s life in prison and thereafter.

This film analyzes and unmasks the German architect, Minister for Armaments, war criminal, prisoner and best selling author Albert Speer through a wide reaching biographical narration. It gives insight into the man Albert Speer and his role in the darkest chapter of German history. The son of a middle class Heidelberg family meets Adolf Hitler, the ‘Fuhrer,” and strikes a pact with the devil in exchange for power, success and recognition.

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Year : 2005
Director : Heinrich Breloar
Cast : Sebastian Koch, Tobias Moretti
Genre : TV Series / War
Running Time : 270 mins
Country : Germany
Language : German (English Subtitles)
Format : 2DVD boxed set – PAL Region 4

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