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Some men are drawn to women – some men are drawn to murder. In this captivating story of strange obsession, Kathleen Conley (Lucille Ball) and her boss, Brad Galt (Mark Stevens) , are caught up in something shockingly different…and terrifyingly dangerous. Galt has a secret so terrible, he might have to kill to keep it. In the midst of their budding romance, Kathleen and Galt are being tailed by a heavy-set man in a white suit (William Bendix) and though she doesn’t know why or how strong the threat is, Galt does and he is prepared to go to extreme lengths to protect himself.

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Year : 1946
Director : Henry Hathaway
Cast : Lucille Ball, Mark Stevens and William Bendix
Genre : Film Noir
Running Time : 99 mins.
Country : United States
Language : English
Format : 1 DVD- PAL- Region 4

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