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Trust concerns the unusual romance/friendship between two young misfits wandering the same Long Island town. When Maria (Shelly), a recent high school dropout, announces her unplanned pregnancy to her family, her father dies of heart failure, her mother immediately evicts her from the household and her boyfriend breaks up with her. Lonely and with nowhere to go, Maria wanders her town in search of a place to stay. Along the way, she meets Matthew (Donovan), a highly educated and extremely moody electronics repairman. Matthew was recently fired from his job repairing television sets after the company orders him to cut corners to the detriment of customers, and he refuses. The two begin an unusual and curiously asexual romance built on their sense of mutual identification and trust. The lovers’ families continue to interfere with their fragile and largely conceptual relationship.

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Year : 1990
Director : Hal Hartley
Cast : Adrienne Shelly, Edie Falco, John Mackay, Martin Donovan, Merritt Nelson
Genre : Comedy
Running Time : 105 mins.
Country : United States
Language : English
Format : DVD- PAL- Region 4

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