Umbrellas Of Cherbourg

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Jacques Demy remains, even today, a unique film-maker. Most agree that this film, made in 1964, was his greatest work. It’s an all singing narrative feature centred around the luminous beauty of Catherine Deneuve, and the joyous musical compositions of Michel Legrand. The tale is one of love lost, of love interrupted by war, and of a deep and passionate longing.  And the city of Cherbourg has never looked better.

But it’s the colours and music that astonish, now more than ever. Thanks to the restorative process undertaken by Demy’s wife, Agnes Varda, the DVD viewer today sees and hears an optimal version of the film, accompanied by a re-mastered soundtrack. Why is the film so greatly loved & revered? The answer is inside this cover…….

SPECIAL FEATURES: EXCERPT from Agnes Varda’s “The World Of Jacques Demy”, Jacques Demy Trailers


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Year :  1964
Director :  Jacques Demy
Cast :  Catherine Deneuve, Nino Castelnuovo, Anne Vernon
Genre :  Drama / Music
Running Time :  92 min
Country :  France
Language :  French w’english subtitles
Format :  DVD / PAL / COL


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